Here you can find some of my projects in the field of web and mobile development. Feel free to contact me in case you need more information or resources.

DestiPod (

DestiPod allows you to capture and share all your past places on a map. You can also explore interesting places near by or far away.

BaTo.Life (

Bato.Life helps you to stay focused and be more productive. Set yourself a time limit for certain websites and your browser tabs will get closed after that time period.

MyTrapp (

Travel Product Recommendation. A simple sortable and ratable collection of products in the field of tourism and travel. The App should simplify the research of web or mobile based applications and gadgets.

MyTripChat (

A new simple way to chat with travelers and locals all over the world. Keep it simple, meet up, exchange tips and information on different destinations and interests in real-time.

Traveloca (

Traveloca offers you the opportunity to share your travel experiences with your friends or the entire Traveloca community in the simplest manner.

HolidayTube (

HolidayTube is a video-based rating portal for destinations and accommodation. Users can rate their visited hotels by using video recordings.

FlyAway24 (

FlyAway24 is a travel booking portal for world travels. Travelers create a route based on multiple destinations and receive matching flight and hotel offers.


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